Our Services

No CFO? or maybe you don’t require a full-time CFO? We help small to medium size businesses who suffer poor management at that level and look to restructure operations and outsource this vital function.

With our assistance your business will achieve its objectives and goals. We will understand how the business operates in a short lead time. We will implement the policies and procedures that enable your business to function effortlessly. We will ensure that the accounting functions are being performed.

We implement systems to ensure that your business has a sound financial platform in place.

We review your financial operations of your business and ascertain any weaknesses within the current system. This is done utilising tools such as a survey that can identify where there maybe problems in your business. We provide recommendations and can implement policies and procedures to improve accounting functions and ensure systems are in place to monitor performance.

It is all about reducing any risks and that can only happen if you engage us to review, analyse and recommend what needs to happen in your business.

The Wright Project is about bringing your business together. All aspects of the business need to talk to each other. We can help you achieve this. If you are a start up, we can help you. Don’t recruit your finance team until you have spoken to The Wright Project.

Review all financial aspects of your business and will include;

dot Reviews processes and procedures within the Finance Team
dot Talent review
dot Business Plan review
dot Use of Key Performance Indicators to predict future outcomes
dot Budgets, Reforecasting and Cashflows
dot Client review and profitability
dot Review Work in Progress and Debtors
dot Financial Health Check