• What we do

    The Wright Project can provide cost effective support to businesses to achieve stability and allow them to achieve goals using their core competencies and our specialist support. We go beyond normal accounting solutions. It is all about reducing the risks that can be inherent in businesses. We immerse ourselves into your business, seek out issues… [Continue]

    What we do
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    No CFO? or maybe you don’t require a full-time CFO? We help small to medium size businesses who suffer poor management at that level and look to restructure operations and outsource this vital function. With our assistance your business will achieve its objectives and goals. We will understand how the business operates in a short… [Continue]

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    Amanda O’Kane, Director, is a Chartered Accountant. Amanda also has a Masters of Management and a Business Degree majoring in Accounting. With over 25 years experience in senior financial positions from medium sized to multinational organisations, she is well equipped to provide sound advice to any business. Her roles have been in the professional services… [Continue]